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Awareness for person with disabilities

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As part of its continuous efforts to raise cybersecurity awareness in the community, Saudi CERT, in collaboration with the Authority of People with Disability, launched an awareness campaign targeting people with disabilities to raise awareness regarding cybersecurity risks. The campaign was designed in alignment with the needs of the target audience; Cybersecurity Awareness videos were available in sign language, and they included an introduction to personal data and password protection methods, how to avoid phishing links, protecting social media accounts, and learning about the cyber risks that people are exposed to when they use smart phones. Additionally, Saudi CERT’s website enabled the “text speech” feature, which supports people with disabilities by reading the text and awareness materials available at the website aloud, without the need to activate any other programs. This step provides an option to listen to the contents of the website (as opposed to reading them) for the benefit of the visually impaired and those who have difficulty reading texts. This campaign also targets deaf people by providing awareness posters and translating all audio and visual materials into text to facilitate reading. In addition, CERT launched an audio series titled “Cyber Lanterns”, which included various cybersecurity awareness materials.

Awareness Materials

Click here to watch the first video - Our Parents and Cybersecurity


Click here to watch the second video - Covid-19 and Phishing


Click here to watch the third video - Online Shopping


Click here to watch the fourth video - Kids and the Cyber World


Click here to watch the fifth video - Phishing and online learning


Campaign Partners

Authority for Persons with Disabilities


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