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Awareness for the elderly

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As part of its continuous efforts to raise cybersecurity awareness in the community, Saudi CERT launched an awareness campaign targeting the elderly to raise their awareness on cybersecurity risks. Saudi CERT collaborated with several relevant entities from both the private and public sectors in the Kingdom to work together toward extending the campaign’s outreach and delivering the message to the elderly using the appropriate tools.

Saudi CERT worked with the campaign’s partners on identifying cybersecurity topics relevant to the elderly, which included password protection on different social media platforms, identifying and avoiding phishing techniques, and the importance of protecting personal information online. Many awareness materials were developed and published in a number of channels, including a number of videos that were published in various social media platforms that the elderly use often, in addition to designing posters and publishing them in locations frequented by the elderly. Furthermore, Saudi CERT collaborated with the telecom service provider to send 1.8M SMS to the targeted audience. Saudi CERT intends to continue the efforts of raising the elderly’s cybersecurity awareness to keep them safe in the cyber world.

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Awareness Materials


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Click here to watch the video "Our parents and cybersecurity"


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