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Safely Learn

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Saudi CERT has launched the campaign (#SafelyLearn) in alignment with the start of the school year, seeking to raise cybersecurity awareness and reduce the risks which students could be exposed to during daily educational tasks using the internet network. CERT has published an online-learning guide, which contributes by reinforcing the home network against compromise, preventive measures to secure your computer and smart devices, guidelines about the pillars of preparing and designating an area in the house for receiving virtual lessons, and daily habits that the students should get used to when handling these new educational systems. Additionally, the guide also provides a live experience of the new educational system, and the most prominent measures to protect the student. Saudi CERT has also published various awareness-raising guidelines about social engineering and phishing emails, which the student could be exposed to on social media as they exploit current events to reach users. Saudi CERT has also disseminated safe security practices for school and university students, as well as members of the teaching staff and trainers.

For the campaign to be successful and impactful, Saudi CERT is working with the Ministry of Education to prepare and disseminate awareness materials in order to reach the target audience. Saudi CERT also worked with the Communications and Information Technology Commission to disseminate the online-learning guide to 40 million users, CERT strives to continue the campaign throughout the first month of school to remind students, teachers and guardians of the importance of cybersecurity during remote learning.

Awareness Materials


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Click here to watch the video "Norah and Phishing"

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Campaign Partners

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