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Protect your account on Youtube


27 August, 2021




Enable Two-Step Verification for your account:

  • Go to your account, then select "Manage your Google Account"
  • Go to "Security"
  • Click Two-Step Verification
  • Click on "Get Started", then enter your Google account password to verify your identity
  • Enter your phone number
  • Select "text message" to receive codes
  • Enter the code you received
  • You will automatically be referred to the 2-step verification page

Make sure to edit these privacy settings in Youtube so that you can always be safe while using the app:

  • Go to your account, then Select "Your Channel"
  • Click on EDIT Channel
  • Enable "Keep all my subscription private"
  • Enable "Keep all my liked videos and saved playlist private"
  • Use strong and unrepeated password
  • Avoid logging to your account/ Never enter your password in any page exept for
  • Avoid sharing your account on other social media platforms to maintain your privacy
  • Make sure that your account (bio/about/description) dose not contain any personal information, like your account number or geographical location
  • Use report feature to report any unwanted content, or phishing and fraud
  • Keep your application up-to-date and make backup copies of tour account regularly

Last updated at 27 August, 2021

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