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NCA Participates in a Cyber Drill Exercise with 25 Arab and Regional Countries

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27 September, 2020

The National Cybersecurity Authority (NCA), represented by Saudi CERT, have participated in the 8th Arab regional and OIC-CERT cyber drill exercise. A total of 25 Arab and regional countries have participated in this cyber drill.

The exercise highlighted "Controlling the cybersecurity risks associated with remote work", and aimed to strengthen efforts between national cybersecurity centers in the region by developing national skills and capabilities in the field of emergency management. In addition to improving readiness to deal with various cyber threats and risks along with identifying the best practices to handle them.

This year’s exercise focused on simulating international cross-border cooperation to handle cybersecurity incidents in conjunction with COVID-19 pandemic.

Saudi CERT’s participation stems from its efforts to achieve its objectives. Such as reinforcing cooperation and building local and global partnerships, focusing on global events and forums in order to exchange experiences and information, identifying the best practices in cybersecurity awareness, activating educational programs that targets all levels, and contributing in raising cybersecurity awareness level for the individuals, community, private sector, and national entities.

Last updated at 1 October, 2020

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