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These posts contain security warnings, including digital loopholes, electronic attacks, technical updates, and they are classified base on the level of severity.





Mitsubishi Electric Alert


Warning Date: 15 September, 2021

Severity Level ● High

Warning Number: 2021-3529

Target Sector: Manufacturing


Mitsubishi Electric has released security updates to address multiple vulnerabilities in the following products:

  • R00/01/02CPU firmware Versions 19 and earlier
  • R04/08/16/32/120(EN)CPU firmware Versions 51 and earlier
  • R08/16/32/120SFCPU firmware Versions 22 and earlier
  • R08/16/32/120PCPU firmware Versions 25 and earlier
  • R08/16/32/120PSFCPU firmware Versions 06 and earlier
  • RJ71EN71 firmware Versions 47 and earlier
  • RJ71GF11-T2 firmware Versions 47 and earlier
  • RJ72GF15-T2 firmware Versions 07 and earlier
  • RJ71GP21-SX firmware Versions 47 and earlier
  • RJ71GP21S-SX firmware Versions 47 and earlier
  • RJ71C24(-R2/R4) all versions
  • RJ71GN11-T2 firmware Versions 11 and earlier


Attackers could exploit these vulnerabilities by conducting Denial of service attack (DoS).

Best practice and Recommendations:

Mitsubishi Electric recommends following the below recommendations:

  • Use a firewall or VPN, etc., to prevent unauthorized access when Internet access is required.
  • Use within a LAN and block access from untrusted networks and hosts through firewalls. 

Last updated at 15 September, 2021

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