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Awareness for NGOs

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As part of its continuous efforts to raise the community’s cybersecurity awareness, Saudi CERT launched a campaign targeting Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and other civil society entities. This comes in acknowledgement of the importance of this segment of society and its shortage of resources.

The campaign focused on key topics relevant to the targeted audience such as securing devices and networks, social engineering, online phishing, data protection, and working remotely. Coinciding with the COVID-19 pandemic, the Saudi CERT published a guideline booklet that included a number of chapters, such as introduction to the new remote working environment, setting it safely, securing your home network, cybersecurity best practices for collaborative working platforms, and working remotely which will help safeguard NGOs and civil society organizations.

Materials were disseminated to over 800 non-profit organization within the Kingdom, this included awareness posters, videos and several other documents targeting NGOs employees as they are the first line of defense.

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Awareness Materials

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Campaign Partners
King Khaled Foundation


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